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Wanting: Tea Towels

I’m loving these neon bright tea towels from Hay! I saw them in the MOMA Store in NYC and can’t stop thinking about them even now, weeks later!The colours are amazing and perfect to spring into Spring. It’s nice to inject some colour into something that is so practical. So it’s on my Wanting Wednesday list.

What’s on yours?Read More

Blue And White Wallpaper

Let me be clear… I love wallpaper. And I super love blue and white wallpaper.

I’m guessing the blue colour, no matter the pattern, always seems to look classic and timeless. It’s not a trendy colour like bright lime green or lemony yellow. It’s just one of those colours that always looks like it belongs. So when I see a blue and white wallpaper, that’s the feeling I get… lasting. So I thought I’d pull out some images that might inspire you to get into the Blue and White love affair, especially when thinking about wallpaper.Read More

Wanting: Samsung & Behar Frame TV

Samsung Smart TV’s have been in the news lately because of news reports that they’re surreptitiously spying on us while sitting innocently on the wall in our living rooms. And maybe that’s a scary thing! OK… truly. It IS a scary thing. Let’s not even talk about spying microwaves! But putting all that aside… Samsung’s newest innovation, The Frame TV, is something I absolutely can get behind!Read More

Moroccan Inspired

I was going down memory lane this weekend, back to my trip to Morocco a few years ago and was re-inspired with the colour, character and texture of this magical place. It’s just simply exotic. And wouldn’t it be great to have just a little bit of that magic and exotics in your very own bathroom?Here are some beautiful examples of Moroccan inspired bathrooms…Read More

DesignChickee Approved – March 2017

I can’t believe it’s been a month already!!! It’s time for another newsletter and we’re so excited to have released it on International Women’s Day (yesterday)! So we’re sending out lots of love for all the amazing women in all our lives! Plus, the newsletter has some great tidbits on what we’re loving this month… check it out here!Read More

Lobby Update – #Minthorn

We love dull and dreary places… we do! Because we can change them! Here’s an example!Our task was to update the elevator lobbies in this north Toronto business building, we’re calling it #Minthorn. Although the building on the outside is quite dynamic and many of their tenants are the same, the lobbies were quite blah. That’s a technical term, by the way.Read More