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A Designer’s St. Patrick’s Day

We were inspired by St. Patrick’s Day and its colour of choice… green. Just last year, Emerald Green was Pantone’s colour of the year and it really hasn’t gone away with the introduction of this year’s colour (Radiant Orchid).

So… we’ve put together a sampling of green accents, green decor, green fashion and generally pleasing lucky thoughts and inspirations – from a Designer’s perspective, of course!

Here are all the links:

1. Lovely green dining area… so fresh!

2. Who says ‘blue and green should never be seen‘! Love it.

3. Lucky Ikea greenery? And you can make your own banner here!

4. Bold patterns mesh well with bold colour!

5. I love emerald green with black and white! Stunning!

6. I feel incredibly lucky… and wish you all luck in life too! Remember it with an iPhone wallpaper!

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