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Inspired Casa Talia

I found an image of a bedroom with stunning blue and white tiles as the headboard. It was so amazing that it just stuck in my head for months. I’m happy to report, I just found the rest of the home and it was equally stunning. A Sicilian sanctuary, designed by Vivian Haddad and Marco Giunta.Read More

Glass & Brick = Love

This little stone ‘outbuilding’ (I’d love an outbuilding) has been transformed! I love how the architect, Atelier D’Architure Bruno & Partners, added this modern touch without changing the look of the brick building.

Oh… And that brick!!!! So lovely, don’t you think?
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Non-Beachy Beach House

Sometimes a beach house doesn’t have to look like it’s a beach house. You know… white washed floor boards, sea shell motifs and pale pastel colours. This home was the un-beachiest house I’d ever seen. Modern and still warm enough that you’d feel relaxed and at ease… just like a beach house should make you feel.Read More

London’s Quirks

There’s such a great vibe in London I’m not sure I can explain it and give it justice. Despite it being the tail end of my vacation and feeling like all we did is walk all over Europe, this city instantly gave me a rush. It’s like a caffeine jolt but with a side of oatmeal. And I love both! It fuels me. And it fills me up. Just when …Read More

Design Inspired – Kingsworth

It feels like this is a new project but really, we’ve been working on #Kingsworth for many months already. Our client (a happy, return client) came to us for a new home that they are building from the ground up. We had such a great time with them on their previous home that we loved the idea of starting from scratch on this with them.Read More