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Wanting: Classic Beauty

I found this image of Coco Chanel and I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her ease, her classic style and her confidence. Amazing what one photo can capture!

So I’m making it my Wanting post this week. Ease. Classic. Confidence.
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Bring on the florals

A few months ago I tried to drop-kick this winter into oblivion and tried to focus on the power of the flower! It’s been a long winter in these parts and I realized today, after several days of grey, wet and cooler than usual temperatures, it’s already May! Which should mean that we are well into Spring and yet… where the heck are the flowers? All these April showers (say …Read More

Lupita Love… and that beautiful colour!

One of the things I love most about watching the Oscars is seeing all the colour on the red carpet. I’m partial to shimmer not sparkles; to ripples not ruffles, and to shape not sheaths. But colour is always at the top of my checklist of whether a look is a hit or a miss in my books. And at this year’s Oscar celebration… there were lots of beautiful colours …Read More

Love Your Pink!

I’ve been holding off talking about Pantone’s 2014 Colour of the Year pick! It’s well into February (I know… can’t believe it myself) and I figured what better way to celebrate this year’s colour than Valentine’s Day! Super sexy and über feminine! Radiant Orchid. Truth be told… I was never a big fan of pink as a little girl. I was  purple girl. But I was super excited about this year’s …Read More

A Designer’s Halloween Dinner Party

I’m going to upset a lot of people with this post… Yes, you! You Halloween Fanatics! You Hallows Eve Devotees! Those that love the gore and blood and darkness and who relish in terrorizing small children. Going all out with spook and horror, filling every crack and cranny with sculls and bats and black kitty cats. Making finger foods that actually look like fingers! Even recreating scenes from Poltergeist on their front lawns. Me… not so much! Though I like your …Read More