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Inspired: Bone White

Halloween may be all ghouls and goblins for some but I find things that really scare me seem to be much more subtle. Take, for instance, this restaurant interior… Hueso is Mexican for bone. And if you look close, you’ll see that the designers and owners took this very seriously and literally.

The walls are adorned with bone fragments and skeletal parts, arranged in a grid.

Spooky stuff, right?
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Our Valentine’s Day Wish List!

My Valentine Wish List includes something shiny and new, something indulgent and sweet, something pretty yet practical and something warm and cuddly. Can you figure out which is which? ;) Important links… Gold polka dots are always appreciated! Actually… scratch that… chocolate is always ALWAYS appreciated!! I can never have enough cocktail tables… Sebastian Herkner – you slayed this one! And finally… Here’s all you need for this cutey! Get your …Read More

San Francisco: New Victorian

When I think of San Francisco, I think Victorian. Lots and lots of Victorian. This little bakery, has a definite Victorian feel but with a very modern and light-filled attitude. The Mill is definitely the type of place I would visit. I mean, never mind the great light and atmosphere (I’d be a permanent fixture in that window seat!), but from what I read, it sounds like the owner is …Read More

A Designer’s Halloween Dinner Party

I’m going to upset a lot of people with this post… Yes, you! You Halloween Fanatics! You Hallows Eve Devotees! Those that love the gore and blood and darkness and who relish in terrorizing small children. Going all out with spook and horror, filling every crack and cranny with sculls and bats and black kitty cats. Making finger foods that actually look like fingers! Even recreating scenes from Poltergeist on their front lawns. Me… not so much! Though I like your …Read More

Roaming: Prague

A day in beautiful Praha! I’ve always been desperate to visit the Czech Republic’s capital city. So much so that I was starting to worry my expectations would not be met. But low and behold, Prague was so beautiful, so fanciful and so breathtaking… it really did not disappoint! I spent several days wandering the winding streets of Old Town, hiking up to the hilltop Prague Castle and eating street …Read More

Custard Tarts and Tiles too…

You haven’t been to Lisbon if you haven’t been to Belém… and more specifically… to the bakery and café, Antiga Confeiteira de Belém. The most sacred of pastries (invented before the 18th century by the Catholic Monks of the Jéronimos Monastery) and let’s face it… the best pastry you’ll every eat, the Portuguese Custard Tart (Pastel de Nata) is known to draw three long line-ups: one for sit-in, one for …Read More