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Lupita Love… and that beautiful colour!

One of the things I love most about watching the Oscars is seeing all the colour on the red carpet. I’m partial to shimmer not sparkles; to ripples not ruffles, and to shape not sheaths. But colour is always at the top of my checklist of whether a look is a hit or a miss in my books. And at this year’s Oscar celebration… there were lots of beautiful colours …Read More

Inspired: Veggies Delight

I absolutely fell in love with these crochet pieces from JungJung! The olives, especially! How about a series of these on your kitchen wall above your banquet seat… each one pinned to a linen background, shadow-box framed with white, simple frames! They’re so delicate and lovely and intricate. Grouped together en masse. The colours, soft and organic. Sigh… My mom will love this post… I can just tell. Crochet? And vegetables? …Read More

Wanting: Wood Watch

Reinventing the wheel… in watches. AB Aeterno has introduced a new line of arm candy made out of wood. Reed sandalwood to be exact. There’s a warmth to the timepiece that I like. Warm to the touch as well. I think I want it. How about you?

Big Time

La Mer Collections: Vintage Oversize Watch. Purchased via Dealuxe (one of my favourite online shops)! My new watch. It’s oversized. It’s vintage-esque (my word, ha ha). And I think I’m loving it! Someone close to me (you know who you are… heh hem) thinks it’s too large. He says it looks like I’m using HIS watch. But as I explained, ‘Bigger is better! And that’s actually the point!’ ;) So what do you …Read More

Inspired: France Goneau

A couple of years ago I attended The Artist Project here in Toronto, an independent artist sale and exhibit. That’s when I first saw France Goneau‘s pieces. And when I fell in love with mixed media. I’ve always loved ceramic arts (my great grandfather – whom I never met – would sit at a pottery table, throwing/spinning clay pottery for his little town in Portugal… What an Ah-ha moment that …Read More