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Jenga! Gone rogue.

I just loved this idea… and had to share; especially for those of you who are DIYers! Which, I am NOT. :( So here’s hoping someone gets the hint and steals my Jenga set soon! Here’s how… to paint the set. Not steal the set.

Something lovely for you

I came across this little bee… and it dawned on me that embroidery is such a beautiful art. Something my mom knows how to do very well. And my grandmothers too. And I’m sure my great grandmother before her. When I was a little girl, these women taught me how to sew, embroider, crochet and knit (to name just a few). Now, I can barely remember how to start any …Read More

Bring on the florals

A few months ago I tried to drop-kick this winter into oblivion and tried to focus on the power of the flower! It’s been a long winter in these parts and I realized today, after several days of grey, wet and cooler than usual temperatures, it’s already May! Which should mean that we are well into Spring and yet… where the heck are the flowers? All these April showers (say …Read More

A Designer’s St. Patrick’s Day

We were inspired by St. Patrick’s Day and its colour of choice… green. Just last year, Emerald Green was Pantone’s colour of the year and it really hasn’t gone away with the introduction of this year’s colour (Radiant Orchid). So… we’ve put together a sampling of green accents, green decor, green fashion and generally pleasing lucky thoughts and inspirations – from a Designer’s perspective, of course! Here are all the …Read More

Wanting: Antique + Modern Tea Time

Wow it’s been a while since our last WANTING post! I’m going to say that’s probably a positive thing seeing as I’m not anything these days! LOL Or maybe, I just haven’t been inspired by anything lately. I loooooove tea cups. I wouldn’t say I’m a big tea drinker and when I need a cup of honey lemon tea (hint: sniff sniff), I reach for a big ‘ol mug more …Read More

Flower Power and a Drop-kick to Winter

Dying for Spring!!! I don’t know about you, but it’s been the looooooooongest winter here in Toronto this year! I mean the loooooooongest! Yes, you may be in parts of this country (or another northern country) where winter lasts 8 months out of the year and snow is just snow and you just move on because it’s winter and that’s that. But us downtown Torontonians pride ourselves in geographical anomalies… we’re …Read More