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Wanting: Sexy Thermostat

The newest in thermostat innovation… a week after installation, it programs itself! And it aims to help you save energy (note the cute little green leaf on the screen). The Nest Learning Thermostat stores and compiles information on your energy use and then creates a schedule customized for you – you never have to worry about heating or cooling your home when it’s empty. And when you are away, you …Read More

Wanted: Washable Keyboard

Finally… what I’ve always wanted (er… needed). A washable keyboard. No more freak-outs and mad dashes for the nearest roll of paper towel after spilling my latte for the one millionth time all over my keys! Oh Logitech… Innovation for the Distracted-And-In-Need-Of -Decaf-Blogger. The new K310.

Wanting: iPhone USB Case

I love it when two things come together as one. It’s a protective case for your beloved iPhone. PLUS… A USB drive for your data! I love the graphics on the USB drive and I’m having a really hard time selecting my favourite colour combination! Argh…why does life have to be so difficult?