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Chair Evolution

Chair design is one of those iconic forms that point directly to functional design and the history of design. It also tells so much about the history of manufacturing, the history and evolution of materials and even the way we live and entertain.

On my recent trip to Paris (look for more on this soon), I found two amazing display’s of chairs…


I loved this…. a wall full of modern chairs almost stopped me in my tracks (but not for long because Merci is full of stop-me-in-my-tracks kind of stuff). These chairs are a great way to study form, function and design elements. Light weight, sculptural and, for the most part, minimal. The materials are varied, from wood to steel to leather to plastic. All combined to create some iconic seating. My favourite… definitely the Wishbone Chair.

And then imagine my surprise… while visiting the Museum of Decorative Arts I was struck by this beautiful wall…


These chairs are all about presence, stature and decoration. It’s what I love about traditional chair design. I love the different leg shapes especially. Delicate details, carvings and curves. And the fabric… don’t even get me started!

It was hard to choose… but I couldn’t help fantasizing about this beautiful bergere from the late 1700’s. Fit for a queen! And probably my new favourite colour palette. What do you think?


If you’d like to read more about chair design, check out this link…Vitra Design Museum.

I’m off to go find myself a seat.

This is where you can find the header photo.


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