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Old-World Colour Burst

Gambrel2 Gambrel3

You don’t even have to go past the foyer to know that these two rooms are going to be amazing! Just that chandelier alone, by Venini, is incredible and such a show piece! It hovers above, defying gravity, showing off its size and shine. That Biedermeier bench is perfection.

Then, stepping inside the living room, the tufted, sinewy sofa, chock full of deep, vibrant, richly coloured pillows pulls you in. I really just want to lounge there, looking out the enormous windows. What light! What sheer luxury! What a beautiful room!

But the jewel… the Library. From the living room, the lacquered purple double doors wide open, giving us a peak of what drama really is all about! The library is deep purple. “Mysterioso” to be precise in high gloss Fine Paints of Europe. I’m such a sucker for purple. (It’s actually one of my favourite english words… quirky fact). And I love the deep red ceiling too. I mean really… what a room.

So where did all this come from, you ask? The designer, Steven Gambrel, was told to use the Connaught Bar in London as inspiration. Here are a few shots…

connaught_cocktail_bar_mayfair_london_internal_photos london_connaught_006p

Luxury. Architectural detail. Drama. And Colour.

Yup… I see it!

For more photos of this unique, old-world glam home… click here.

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