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DesignChickee Approved – May 2017

Wow… April just flew by! It’s May which means we should be enjoying all the beautiful and colourful Spring blooms and flowers that those April showers encouraged. Is it so? Are you loving the tulips and daffodils?

Well, our May newsletter is all about ways to bring that exciting burst of flowery joy inside into your home. We’ve got great ideas to introduce floral prints… so don’t miss it.Read More

DesignChickee Approved – April 2017

Wow… has a month flown by already!? Not to worry… we’re on it! April is here and we’ve got some fun and youthful ideas for your home in our DesignChickee newsletter.Click below and don’t for get to subscribe! We’re also celebrating the latest video in our web series, The Amazing Row House Renovation. So if you’re wondering… click to watch Episode 3!  

Wanting: Tim Webber’s Ottoman

My work takes me between residential and work environments and sometimes there are things that cross over. For instance, scuff proof vinyl that looks like leather can be used both in the workplace cafe as well as in the kitchen’s banquette seating. And we’ve seen industrial grade appliances crossing over into the great home kitchens of the world. In this case, an ottoman.Read More

Wanting: Tea Towels

I’m loving these neon bright tea towels from Hay! I saw them in the MOMA Store in NYC and can’t stop thinking about them even now, weeks later!The colours are amazing and perfect to spring into Spring. It’s nice to inject some colour into something that is so practical. So it’s on my Wanting Wednesday list.

What’s on yours?Read More

Blue And White Wallpaper

Let me be clear… I love wallpaper. And I super love blue and white wallpaper.

I’m guessing the blue colour, no matter the pattern, always seems to look classic and timeless. It’s not a trendy colour like bright lime green or lemony yellow. It’s just one of those colours that always looks like it belongs. So when I see a blue and white wallpaper, that’s the feeling I get… lasting. So I thought I’d pull out some images that might inspire you to get into the Blue and White love affair, especially when thinking about wallpaper.Read More