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Hot Cup, Cool Barista: GE Appliances 2016

You know that feeling when you go to your fridge, open the door and stare into the abyss of nothing to eat? Well, I bet you’ve never gone to your fridge thinking I’d love a hot cup of coffee or tea? It’s not like your fridge can be your barista too?

Actually, now it can!

I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Sipped the freshly brewed single serve coffee too! And it was pretty darn impressive!

The new GE Cafe + Keurig refrigerator was working in full steam at their special 2016 appliance preview this month and I was lucky enough to be invited for breakfast and a discussion on emerging consumer trends. One of which, was the idea of Dual Purpose Tech. Hence… the GE Cafe + Keurig! Not only can you use your favourite Keurig single serve coffee/tea pod and get your morning brew (or any time of day brew),  you get a top-of-the-line stainless steel refrigerator with huge interior capacity, great interior lighting and you get the benefit of a water filtration system that wipes out 94% of pharmaceuticals found in many municipal water services! Plus ice and water, of course.

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Some other trends, you ask?

  • Clean connectivity is where minimalism is key in look and functionality. You can see this in their GE Profile Infinite Collections where everything is smoothed out (loved the edge-to-edge cooktops), fewer knobs and more touch interface.
  • Remix Retro is where consumers actually like the retro look and feel but still want it to be modern. A bit of a balance and the GE Designer Collection Line Laundry is perfectly balanced this way. Retro but new.
  • DIY Health is all about consumers taking an active interest in their own health. GE’s Advanced Pharmaceutical Filtration system is rather impressive and now available in many of their refrigerators (not just their pricier models).
  • Connected Home and “the internet of things” means some of your appliances will talk to each other through Bluetooth like the GE Infinite Collection where the range speaks to the hood. Hello hood. Hello range.

It was great to hear an in-depth discussion on consumer trends (thank you, Trend Hunter) and knowing that manufacturers, like GE, take our consumer interests very seriously and try to give us what we’re looking for. That was very cool, indeed.

So… next time you go to your fridge, ask yourself what else it can do for you?

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