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Lengthy & Drapey

Did you know that we have corporate clients too? Corporate work is a slightly different beast from our residential work. And I mean that in the best sense of ‘beast’. I love the differences between them and I love switching between them. It’s like a palette cleanser.

Anyway… in this particular case, the task at hand was a bit more residential-like than corporate. The setting is 100% corporate. A boardroom. A large, very white, very echo-y meeting place. And although our clients loved the modern aesthetic overall, the room just wasn’t comfortable to have long meetings in. That’s kind of a problem, no?

Before_smWe suggested artwork and some dramatic drapery to help ‘fill in’ the gaps and make it warmer and enticing. A little residential project within a corporate setting. No small task… finding the right fabric that would drape “properly” and fit the budget, especially since the wall was over 20 feet long and almost 10 feet high! Yardage! Lots of yardage! Do the math… Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

We started with lots of fabric (see above) and narrowed it down to still lots of fabric (see below).

Samples2But finally selected the perfect colour, weight and price point for the job!

IMG_7899_smRipple-fold drapery along a 20 foot wall.

Where’s the Wizard of Oz???

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