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New Interior Design Tips!

We’ve got a new playlist! It’s all about quick tips! Interior design in about a minute or so.We’ve got tips on decorating your home with your collections and making your home personal to you that way! We’ve also got ideas on fun games for your backyard and making them part of your garden landscape. Have you been wondering about ways to make your bathroom feel larger? Try a small, tiny tile on the floor! And oh so much more.

In fact, we’ll be posting new videos every Monday! So here you go… for your viewing pleasure!

First… how to make your home magazine-ready!

Second… how to decorate your home with your collections!

Third… Small tile for big impact in small spaces!

Fourth… Backyard garden games!

Like I said… we’ll be adding new videos so SUBSCRIBE and you won’t miss a beat!

YouTube and chill!

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