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Inspired: Modern Box Living

It’s been a while since I was really struck by a modern interior. Sometimes, you just gravitate towards something so much that it becomes kind of “run of the mill”. It’s as if you’ve seen all that’s exciting and energizing and you become so familiar with the simplicity and the temperament that it no longer is all that exciting and energizing. What have you done for me lately, you modern …Read More

Glass & Brick = Love

This little stone ‘outbuilding’ (I’d love an outbuilding) has been transformed! I love how the architect, Atelier D’Architure Bruno & Partners, added this modern touch without changing the look of the brick building.

Oh… And that brick!!!! So lovely, don’t you think?
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London’s Quirks

There’s such a great vibe in London I’m not sure I can explain it and give it justice. Despite it being the tail end of my vacation and feeling like all we did is walk all over Europe, this city instantly gave me a rush. It’s like a caffeine jolt but with a side of oatmeal. And I love both! It fuels me. And it fills me up. Just when …Read More

Amsterdam Makes Me Smile

Sometimes all you need is a little smile to help lighten your step. Amsterdam gave me that and so much more. In our crazy world of deadlines and emails and social media upkeep, it takes me a while to just come down and sink into my vacation. It’s hard not to think about work and clients and projects, especially when you run your own business and it all falls on …Read More