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Wanting: Samsung & Behar Frame TV

Samsung Smart TV’s have been in the news lately because of news reports that they’re surreptitiously spying on us while sitting innocently on the wall in our living rooms. And maybe that’s a scary thing! OK… truly. It IS a scary thing. Let’s not even talk about spying microwaves! But putting all that aside… Samsung’s newest innovation, The Frame TV, is something I absolutely can get behind!Read More

Lean On Me

I love this look. Casual and purposeful. Leaning art on walls, overlapping artwork too! It’s just so cool. I especially love that first photo… art on the wall. Wall sconce to die for. Art leaning on the wall. What a great composition, don’t you think?Read More

Real Life Vermeer

How cool is this!? After years of speculation, an art historian has pinpointed the actual location of one of Johannes Vermeer’s famous paintings! I’m so excited about this because I was just recently in Amsterdam for the first time and was able to visit the Rijksmuseum and see this particular painting in real life. And I’m a huge fan of Vermeer’s work.Read More

Design Inspired – Kingsworth

It feels like this is a new project but really, we’ve been working on #Kingsworth for many months already. Our client (a happy, return client) came to us for a new home that they are building from the ground up. We had such a great time with them on their previous home that we loved the idea of starting from scratch on this with them.Read More

Wanting: Embroidered Architecture

I had to share… I remember my mom and grandmother teaching me needlework and I think I have a tablecloth that was never completed but boy it started with lots of love and enthusiasm! Hmm… wonder where that tablecloth is these days??! My mom, in her youth and typical of girls her age at the time, were heavily into needlework, embroidery and all sorts of crafty, domesticated arts. She had, in fact, a trunk full! Literally, her trousseau!Read More