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Wanting: Embroidered Architecture

I had to share… I remember my mom and grandmother teaching me needlework and I think I have a tablecloth that was never completed but boy it started with lots of love and enthusiasm! Hmm… wonder where that tablecloth is these days??! My mom, in her youth and typical of girls her age at the time, were heavily into needlework, embroidery and all sorts of crafty, domesticated arts. She had, in fact, a trunk full! Literally, her trousseau!Read More

Wanting: Arm Knitted Rug

These are not just woven rugs… they’re arm knitted! And they are the work of artist Andrea Brena. Check out this video… you’ll want to have a pouf by the end of it. Amazing what people can do!      

Inspired: Elisa Mazzone

There’s something so pure and direct about Elisa Mazzone‘s illustrations. Yet, there’s so much duality and complexity. I especially love the balance of soft and hard; precision and uncertainty; solid and flat versus translucent and dimensional.

Inspired: Alison Van Pelt

After spotting this artist’s work in this interior, I couldn’t help but look into more of her work. Alison Van Pelt’s works are BIG (i.e. 9 feet x 7 feet!!!). I love the scale of these paintings. And even though the images are purposely softened and blurred, it’s the bold colour and sheer size of the pieces that make an impact. And the portraits themselves are mesmerizing, transfixing. Wish I …Read More