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Interior Design Tips: Space Above your Fireplace

A fireplace almost always becomes a focal point in the room. But the space above is just as important as the fireplace itself. It’s a great opportunity to make that focal point really shine… so make it count!In this new video in our Interior Design Tips playlist, we give you some examples of what you place above your fireplace makes an impact on how you see that fireplace and how it all works together in the room.Read More

Lean On Me

I love this look. Casual and purposeful. Leaning art on walls, overlapping artwork too! It’s just so cool. I especially love that first photo… art on the wall. Wall sconce to die for. Art leaning on the wall. What a great composition, don’t you think?Read More

Inpsired: Jeffrey Bilhuber

I’ve been looking for a jolt of inspiration lately. Nothing crazy. Just some real excitement about colour and form and texture. All the things that us designers get giddy over. Even though I extol the virtues of white (Benjamin Moore’s Simply White I’m looking at you!), sometimes I look around and all I see is blah. Bland. Stale. Safe.Read More

Gehry’s Tin House Reimagined

I’m such a huge fan of Frank Gehry and especially of his private residential work. And I’m always intrigued to see what the inside of his ‘structures’ look like. Back in 1968, before Frank Gehry was THE ‘starchitect’ we know now, he was asked to design a live/work home. It became known as the Tin House because of the distinctive corrugated metal sheathing as exterior skin.Read More

Wanting: Ferris Wheel

I’m not sure where this was taken but in my mind it has a very Parisian flair. Hence… I’m always ‘wanting’. This Ferris wheel was captured by photographer Alicia Bock and you can order it (along with so many other lovely photos) in several sizes. Now, the difficult task is deciding what size!