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Lofty Expectations

We’re so excited about the completion of a #LOFT renovation that we thought we’d whet your appetite with some ‘Before’ shots ahead of the final shots… We knew the colour palette had to change and we really wanted to make this large space feel even larger. Why have 14′ ceilings and large concrete pillars if you’re not going to see them? If a red wall with cherry wood cabinetry was the only …Read More

Ice Bubbles… Nature Is Inspiration

I thought these were so amazing I just had to share right away! Mother Nature is an amazing designer! The depth and pattern and colour in this beautiful frozen lake in Banff, Alberta is nothing short of awesome. (And I hate that word because it’s so overused. But in this case… this is awesome.) Here’s more on how this actually, and naturally, happens… I believe methane gas is involved. Weird and wonderful. …Read More

Dear Toronto… Revealed!

I found my billboard!!! See here for more details… Broadcasting my love tweet for my city… ironically, just as I’m about to leave for a short summer vacation!  Maybe what they say is true? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. See you soon, Toronto!!

Flower Power and a Drop-kick to Winter

Dying for Spring!!! I don’t know about you, but it’s been the looooooooongest winter here in Toronto this year! I mean the loooooooongest! Yes, you may be in parts of this country (or another northern country) where winter lasts 8 months out of the year and snow is just snow and you just move on because it’s winter and that’s that. But us downtown Torontonians pride ourselves in geographical anomalies… we’re …Read More

Happy Canada Day, eh!

We’re celebrating our 145th birthday… built on peace, order and good government. We’re not a flashy bunch. But we know what we have is special. And that’s what we celebrate today. So happy birthday to all my fellow Canucks! Happy Canada Day!