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Old-World Colour Burst

You don’t even have to go past the foyer to know that these two rooms are going to be amazing! Just that chandelier alone, by Venini, is incredible and such a show piece! It hovers above, defying gravity, showing off its size and shine. That Biedermeier bench is perfection. Then, stepping inside the living room, the tufted, sinewy sofa, chock full of deep, vibrant, richly coloured pillows pulls you in. …Read More

Jenga! Gone rogue.

I just loved this idea… and had to share; especially for those of you who are DIYers! Which, I am NOT. :( So here’s hoping someone gets the hint and steals my Jenga set soon! Here’s how… to paint the set. Not steal the set.

Lupita Love… and that beautiful colour!

One of the things I love most about watching the Oscars is seeing all the colour on the red carpet. I’m partial to shimmer not sparkles; to ripples not ruffles, and to shape not sheaths. But colour is always at the top of my checklist of whether a look is a hit or a miss in my books. And at this year’s Oscar celebration… there were lots of beautiful colours …Read More

Wanting: Hamper Hoopla

Want a great looking hamper? Of course you do! There’s nothing worse than having to do laundry, surrounded by blah, run-of-the-mill nothingness. These hampers are fun and lively and look absolutely fantastic – no matter where you place them. No need to hide them behind your bedroom door. Or inside your closet.  Take pleasure in your household duties! Take pride in your home decor…right down to your hamper. ;) Pehr …Read More

Inspired: Alison Van Pelt

After spotting this artist’s work in this interior, I couldn’t help but look into more of her work. Alison Van Pelt’s works are BIG (i.e. 9 feet x 7 feet!!!). I love the scale of these paintings. And even though the images are purposely softened and blurred, it’s the bold colour and sheer size of the pieces that make an impact. And the portraits themselves are mesmerizing, transfixing. Wish I …Read More