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New Interior Design Tips!

We’ve got a new playlist! It’s all about quick tips! Interior design in about a minute or so.We’ve got tips on decorating your home with your collections and making your home personal to you that way! We’ve also got ideas on fun games for your backyard and making them part of your garden landscape. Have you been wondering about ways to make your bathroom feel larger? Try a small, tiny tile on the floor! And oh so much more.Read More

Wanting: Ikea Lucite Chair

This little chair is barely there. Barely there is this chair.

That’s as far as I’m going to go with this poem. But I do love this lucite chair from Ikea. It’s the Tobias Chair and it’s lucite and steel and simple perfection. I’d use it for dining chairs or a makeup chair. I’d put it in the hall next to a console. I’d have it in the bathroom next to the tub.

Basically, I just want it. Because it’s so barely there. Got it?!Read More

Layered & Stacked

I can’t get enough of this look. It’s big!  And it’s not just for fashionistas! The layered or stacked look is fully evolved in our interiors now too. Very much like layering an outfit and stacking on jeweled cuffs! Instead, we’re looking at layers of pillows and throws, stacks of towels and linens, layers of sculpture and books, stacks of artwork behind carefully curated pieces of furniture, layers of objects in …Read More

3 Things to a Stylish Coffee Table

I love styling coffee tables and bookshelves and fireplace mantles! I find myself arranging interesting objects throughout my home constantly… playing with scale, texture and colour. I love it. And my clients always ask me to re-arrange their shelves when I come over. Which I love too. I’m sure there’s lots of rules of thumb for this sort of thing and there’s always the main elements of design to consider (scale, …Read More