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Chair Evolution

Chair design is one of those iconic forms that point directly to functional design and the history of design. It also tells so much about the history of manufacturing, the history and evolution of materials and even the way we live and entertain.Read More

What Great Design Can Do!

I’m a huge proponent of doing the work up-front and reaping the benefits later down the line… In this case, I’m talking about the real art of a truly great designer and their space planning abilities. Especially when you’re dealing with space challenges! Creativity comes along with solving those challenges! And this tiny home, in Bordeaux, is definitely not the norm. And I love that from the outside, it still looks like …Read More

Inspired: Versailles in the Snow

What could be more inspiring than Versailles? And since this is the season for snow and flurries and drifts and flakes that too quickly become slush and drudge and black ice… I thought that maybe I’d keep the fluffy white stuff as beautiful and magical as when it first lays down. Captured beautifully here in these photos, Versailles’ gardens are snow tipped and white capped. Absolute magic.

Inspired: Parisian Life

I came across these photos and was instantly transported to the ‘City of Light’, Paris. But I never really equate that tagline with Paris. Instead, I remember it being a million shades of brown, cream and slate grey. Robyn Thompson‘s photos are the closest representation of that memory for me. Check out her website… And, if you would like to experience Marrakech, make sure you click on her ‘Travel’ tab. …Read More