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Las Vegas Design Market

I was in Las Vegas last week and visited the Las Vegas Design Market… a designer’s haven for beautiful products! Here’s a small glimpse (and I say small because this place is huge… proven by my 12,000 step count by the end of my visit) of what I loved during my visit…Read More

Look & Feel – Project #Sandalwood

New client. New look and feel! So in this case, we’re looking to give our client a sense of purpose for this one room in particular. It’s open to the kitchen but it’s also open and part of the centre hall of the home. The client already has a formal dining room but would prefer to have an informal eating area in this room, since there’s no room for that …Read More

Top 5 Sofa Styles

We’re counting down our favourite sofa styles in the latest Design Lesson video on our YouTube channel! Since sofas are the biggest investment when it comes to living room furniture, I thought it would be great to list my top 5 sofa styles… styles that are CLASSIC and TIMELESS! These babies will grow and adapt to your tastes for years to come!Read More

Design Lesson: Island Fever

Having a kitchen island isn’t always possible in small kitchens. The limiting factor isn’t the overall size of the island…no no no! It’s actually the space around the island that determines whether you can reasonably fit an “island”. Notice the quotation marks?? Well, when I say island, I might mean something different than what you think of when you think of kitchen islands!

Let’s get to THE RULE!Read More

Inspired: Black White Colourful

It’s no secret, I love black and white spaces. I just think there’s nothing as fresh and inspiring. But it’s also no easy feat. A black and white space can be very limiting, regimented and constrictive. How far do you take this ‘black and white’ theme, in other words. Clients wonder if they’re allowed to have shades of black or off-whites. They become focused on making all the whites match.

But it doesn’t have to be so regulated.Read More

Wanting: Eames Elephant

I’m adding this little guy to my Christmas Wish List… a classic design by the incredible duo of Charles and Ray Eames. Originally designed for children, this little bent plywood elephant has now been launched in this beautifully modern black colour. So now I’m all in…


Thank you Vitra.Read More

Chair Evolution

Chair design is one of those iconic forms that point directly to functional design and the history of design. It also tells so much about the history of manufacturing, the history and evolution of materials and even the way we live and entertain.Read More