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Wanting: Hamper Hoopla

Want a great looking hamper? Of course you do! There’s nothing worse than having to do laundry, surrounded by blah, run-of-the-mill nothingness. These hampers are fun and lively and look absolutely fantastic – no matter where you place them. No need to hide them behind your bedroom door. Or inside your closet.  Take pleasure in your household duties! Take pride in your home decor…right down to your hamper. ;) Pehr …Read More

Wanting: Gullfuglen

Warm and cozy blankets are a “must have” this wintery season – and full proof gift giving mastery no matter who you buy them for. And these Norwegian cozies are so special!  Modern in design and pattern, but traditional in its material and construction. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted more… you pick! See these (The Power Collection and Gullfuglen) and more from Funkleshop.

Interiors: Graphic & Minimal

I love the idea of adding a new, contemporary structure to an already existing structure. In this case, Carl Turner Architects, wrapped an L-shaped volume around the rear of a Victorian terraced home, re-imagining the kitchen and dining room into a super contemporary and minimalist space. The best part… a humongous (yes, I said humongous) window that extends this space out to the garden and the garden into the interior. …Read More

Inspired: Floating Garden

A barge is now transformed into a floating urban oasis. Not just any garden though…a foreign garden. You see… Gitta Gshwendtner and Maria Thereza Alves (the pair responsible for Seeds of Change) discovered that the bed of the Bristol river was full of foreign seeds from days gone by. Ships returning from all over the world would fill their hulls with soil upon their departure and once arriving in Britain …Read More

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Oasis

Sometimes a fence can bring you so much more than just a little privacy. In this case, it contains a zen oasis, inside and out. I love the idea of having a large koi pond complete with floating lilly pads and a chiselled stone walkway… how very ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’! And then there’s the zen sand garden… life-sized! But I’m really loving the charred cedar planks in the fence …Read More

Wanting: iittala Wine Glasses

Did you know wine glasses have “parts”? Indulge me as I describe one of my favourite sets from the Finnish company, Iittala. This is the Essence, designed by Alfredo Håberli. Starting from the bottom… Foot: Its thickness makes this ‘part’ look solid and disk-like. Most wine glasses taper upwards from the outer ring to the base of the stem. But I love how this one is the same thickness throughout. …Read More

Interiors: Tudor Splendor

This is my kind of Tudor! Light and bright with lots of architectural detailing – my favourite being the high wainscotting in the living room – the envelope of this interior is kept bright while the furniture is kept traditional. Makes for a relaxed but elegant home. Interiors by Darryl Carter. Images from AD.

Wanting: Tea Towels & Cake Rolls

I love tea towels. Yes. I do. I think my admiration started when I was a kid, helping my mom bake a cake roll (the kind with the  jam filling). She’d use her best tea towel to lay the cake slab and then roll it up tight once the slab was covered with the filling. I thought it was rather magical. Enormous Champion has several delightful patterns like this one, …Read More