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New Interior Design Tips!

We’ve got a new playlist! It’s all about quick tips! Interior design in about a minute or so.We’ve got tips on decorating your home with your collections and making your home personal to you that way! We’ve also got ideas on fun games for your backyard and making them part of your garden landscape. Have you been wondering about ways to make your bathroom feel larger? Try a small, tiny tile on the floor! And oh so much more.Read More

Smartie-pants Decor

  So I’m kind of all over this new trend in ‘showcasing your GEEK-dom’! I’m guessing the success of shows like and has brought out everyone’s inner geek even if it’s subatomic particle-like in size (apparently, subatomic particles are actually smaller than an atom!… thank god for Google… c’mon. You say that all the time too!). From molecular models as coffee table accessories to full blown scientifically inspired furniture. The …Read More

Spring/Summer 2014 Trends

Just as there’s a hint of winter in the air (I swear you can smell the cold), Canada’s foremost fashion leaders hit the runways to show off their Spring/Summer 2014 collections this week at the World MasterCard Fashion Week here in Toronto! It’s a dizzying week of style, forecasting trends and lots and lots of media.

So in the spirit of looking forward to Spring/Summer of 2014, I thought we’d spring forward to home trends in décor (and ignore for a second that winter is just around the corner – eek!). So set aside your scented candles and faux fur throws…
Read More

Wanting: Hamper Hoopla

Want a great looking hamper? Of course you do! There’s nothing worse than having to do laundry, surrounded by blah, run-of-the-mill nothingness. These hampers are fun and lively and look absolutely fantastic – no matter where you place them. No need to hide them behind your bedroom door. Or inside your closet.  Take pleasure in your household duties! Take pride in your home decor…right down to your hamper. ;) Pehr …Read More

Wanting: Waylande Gregory

Waylande Gregory pieces are much sought after. He died in 1971 but his pieces are timeless. A prolific ceramist sculptor, he became famous for his groundbreaking technique allowing him to create very large sculptures. But for me… I’d be so very happy with these small trays. The 24 karat gold finish is stunning, peaking through white or black patterning. These would be perfection in your front hall entry to lay …Read More