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Inspired: Modern Box Living

It’s been a while since I was really struck by a modern interior. Sometimes, you just gravitate towards something so much that it becomes kind of “run of the mill”. It’s as if you’ve seen all that’s exciting and energizing and you become so familiar with the simplicity and the temperament that it no longer is all that exciting and energizing. What have you done for me lately, you modern …Read More

Inspired: Black White Colourful

It’s no secret, I love black and white spaces. I just think there’s nothing as fresh and inspiring. But it’s also no easy feat. A black and white space can be very limiting, regimented and constrictive. How far do you take this ‘black and white’ theme, in other words. Clients wonder if they’re allowed to have shades of black or off-whites. They become focused on making all the whites match.

But it doesn’t have to be so regulated.Read More

Inpsired: Jeffrey Bilhuber

I’ve been looking for a jolt of inspiration lately. Nothing crazy. Just some real excitement about colour and form and texture. All the things that us designers get giddy over. Even though I extol the virtues of white (Benjamin Moore’s Simply White I’m looking at you!), sometimes I look around and all I see is blah. Bland. Stale. Safe.Read More