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DIY Doily Decor!

Happy December, everyone!!! It’s the most beautiful time of year, as they say. And it’s a busy time of year for most. Whether you decorate your home for the holidays, prepare and host fabulous dinners for your friends and family or simply send love and well wishes with a holiday card in the mail, I thought I’d share some great DIY ideas using paper doilies! Intricate and delicate and oh …Read More

Mason Jar DIY

Do you have an abundance of mason jars? And don’t know what to do with them? Check out our latest post from our Facebook page where we’ve asked for more ideas on how to re-use the excess of mason jars that seem to accumulate in our kitchen cabinets! From lights and terrariums to holiday décor, perhaps you’ve tackled a mason jar or two in your life and turned it into something it’s not? …Read More

Wanting: Paola Navone

LOVING this beautiful collection of plates and platters from Crate and Barrel, especially since they’ve been designed by the great, Paola Navone! I love them so much, I would display them on a wall just like this! But they ARE dishwasher safe, in case you’re using them more traditionally. Ha!