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New Interior Design Tips!

We’ve got a new playlist! It’s all about quick tips! Interior design in about a minute or so.We’ve got tips on decorating your home with your collections and making your home personal to you that way! We’ve also got ideas on fun games for your backyard and making them part of your garden landscape. Have you been wondering about ways to make your bathroom feel larger? Try a small, tiny tile on the floor! And oh so much more.Read More

Lengthy & Drapey

Did you know that we have corporate clients too? Corporate work is a slightly different beast from our residential work. And I mean that in the best sense of ‘beast’. I love the differences between them and I love switching between them. It’s like a palette cleanser.Read More

Puglia & Tomato Decor

  Sometimes tomatoes look so beautiful you have to decorate with them! And it also means that I’ve added Puglia to my list of Italian places to visit! Stat! This place (aka heaven on earth) is called Masseria Cimino and it looks like the perfect blend of rustic and simplicity. Easy. What I mean is, there’s an ease here. Ease of beauty, nature and ‘of the earth’ quality. How easy …Read More

Old-World Colour Burst

You don’t even have to go past the foyer to know that these two rooms are going to be amazing! Just that chandelier alone, by Venini, is incredible and such a show piece! It hovers above, defying gravity, showing off its size and shine. That Biedermeier bench is perfection. Then, stepping inside the living room, the tufted, sinewy sofa, chock full of deep, vibrant, richly coloured pillows pulls you in. …Read More

Love Your Pink!

I’ve been holding off talking about Pantone’s 2014 Colour of the Year pick! It’s well into February (I know… can’t believe it myself) and I figured what better way to celebrate this year’s colour than Valentine’s Day! Super sexy and über feminine! Radiant Orchid. Truth be told… I was never a big fan of pink as a little girl. I was  purple girl. But I was super excited about this year’s …Read More

Flower Power and a Drop-kick to Winter

Dying for Spring!!! I don’t know about you, but it’s been the looooooooongest winter here in Toronto this year! I mean the loooooooongest! Yes, you may be in parts of this country (or another northern country) where winter lasts 8 months out of the year and snow is just snow and you just move on because it’s winter and that’s that. But us downtown Torontonians pride ourselves in geographical anomalies… we’re …Read More