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Interior Design Q&A

Hey everyone… It’s me, Olga Gomes aka DesignChickee! I started a little design channel just over a year ago, and I can’t believe so many of you have joined me by subscribing to this channel, hitting that ‘like’ button and sharing my tips with your friends. And here we are at 100 PLUS subscribers! A few weeks ago, I asked you to send me your design questions for this very …Read More

New Interior Design Tips!

We’ve got a new playlist! It’s all about quick tips! Interior design in about a minute or so.We’ve got tips on decorating your home with your collections and making your home personal to you that way! We’ve also got ideas on fun games for your backyard and making them part of your garden landscape. Have you been wondering about ways to make your bathroom feel larger? Try a small, tiny tile on the floor! And oh so much more.Read More

Stunning Tile – birds of a feather!

This nearly stopped me in my tracks! Actually… it made me turn to my blog immediately so I could rave and gush about what I had just found. In fact… this would normally be a Wanting Post but since it’s Thursday today, I didn’t want to hold back raving and gushing for another week so here it is today!

You’re welcome, by the way. :)Read More

Design Lesson: Practical Beauty

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
Apparently Steve Jobs could have been an interior designer too! He said those words… the words that I tell clients all the time. And I think that makes them happier… the fact that I, the designer, isn’t just thinking about how something looks. Read More

Inpsired: Jeffrey Bilhuber

I’ve been looking for a jolt of inspiration lately. Nothing crazy. Just some real excitement about colour and form and texture. All the things that us designers get giddy over. Even though I extol the virtues of white (Benjamin Moore’s Simply White I’m looking at you!), sometimes I look around and all I see is blah. Bland. Stale. Safe.Read More