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Puglia & Tomato Decor

  Sometimes tomatoes look so beautiful you have to decorate with them! And it also means that I’ve added Puglia to my list of Italian places to visit! Stat! This place (aka heaven on earth) is called Masseria Cimino and it looks like the perfect blend of rustic and simplicity. Easy. What I mean is, there’s an ease here. Ease of beauty, nature and ‘of the earth’ quality. How easy …Read More

Chic Work Style

  I’ve posted work spaces for creatives before but this particular office seems to hit home the most. Not that I’m comparing myself to the amazing Jenna Lyons at all!!! But I love that her office is a collection of pleasures. She’s surrounded with images and books and beautiful (and I mean BEA-UUUUU-TEEE-FUL) accessories and mementos. They’re purpose: to inspire. They’re a visual reminder that beauty is important. I love …Read More