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Interior Design Tips: Kitchen Focal Point

Hey everyone! Today we’re focusing our attention on kitchens and discussing how the range hood is a natural focal point.

We’ve got lots of great ideas to enhance your kitchen range hood, especially if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen in the near future. Ideas about separation, isolation and interpretation can all create a key focal point!Read More

Black Kitchen Love

I love a classic white kitchen with carrara marble countertops. Details like the door style and backsplash tile and lighting are places where we can inject character and style. But sometimes, I need a little shot in the arm… you know? Something that really just stands out!

So here we have 5 beautiful kitchens. And they’re BLACK. Let’s get started…Read More

Skirted Kitchen Cabinetry

There’s something so nostalgic about a skirted cabinet for me. It takes me right back to my childhood, in my grandmothers’ kitchens (plural because BOTH my grandmothers had skirted cabinets). From a current perspective, it appeals to me because it’s a great opportunity to add some fabric to an otherwise hard surface type room.Read More

Wanting? Sweeper + Funnel

I was working on a blog post titled Look & Feel… because so many of my design presentations are about “the look” and “the feel”. Then I head over to pinterest and low and behold I find this sweeper and funnel and I immediately think of how great ‘the look and feel’ are so great about this product.

Don’t you just want to look at it up close and feel it in your hands?Read More

Wanting: Wire Shelving

I think it’s pretty clear that Restoration Hardware seems to have an ever expanding offering of new products and furniture. And they all have that “RH” look that I’m loving these days. I was working on a kitchen the other day and thought about some wire shelving… industrial… open… tough and filled with lovely plates and glasses and vessels. I wanted that kind of contrast. And then I found this…

And now I’m wanting… Read More