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Inspired: Modern Box Living

It’s been a while since I was really struck by a modern interior. Sometimes, you just gravitate towards something so much that it becomes kind of “run of the mill”. It’s as if you’ve seen all that’s exciting and energizing and you become so familiar with the simplicity and the temperament that it no longer is all that exciting and energizing. What have you done for me lately, you modern …Read More

Glass & Brick = Love

This little stone ‘outbuilding’ (I’d love an outbuilding) has been transformed! I love how the architect, Atelier D’Architure Bruno & Partners, added this modern touch without changing the look of the brick building.

Oh… And that brick!!!! So lovely, don’t you think?
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Stahl: A House With A View

What a dream it would be to live in this house with that view. Overlooking the City of Angels, designed by Pierre Koenig, the Stahl house has become iconic for modern architecture, featured in movies and ads too numerous to count. Built in 1959, beyond its time, the house is an engineering feat, with its cantilevered foundation and the largest single panes of glass commercially available at the time. In …Read More

Gehry’s Tin House Reimagined

I’m such a huge fan of Frank Gehry and especially of his private residential work. And I’m always intrigued to see what the inside of his ‘structures’ look like. Back in 1968, before Frank Gehry was THE ‘starchitect’ we know now, he was asked to design a live/work home. It became known as the Tin House because of the distinctive corrugated metal sheathing as exterior skin.Read More

Farm House Modern

I think the kitchen in this home has turned me… I’m a city girl through and through. And I love mixing old and new together. But I lean modern. Almost always. Until…this kitchen, that is.  I can’t believe the simple black shelf running along the windows! Amazingly simple. Breathtakingly simple. Throughout the home, traditional elements like stone walls, shaker cabinet doors, barnyard sliding doors and bead board ceilings in the …Read More

Soft, yet minimal!

I think the word ‘minimal’ strikes fear in the minds of my clients. They equate the word with cold, sterile and harsh. And definitely not homey! But I think I’ve found the right balance of minimal and warmth in this interior. Clean lines are predominantly the key to any minimalist space, hiding our everyday objects and showcasing singular, specific pieces. In this space, there’s a beautiful balance of decorative objects and …Read More

Inspired Europe

I think I’ve watched this video at least 10 times… and I just can’t get tired of it. I love travelling through Europe and this video tells me there’s still so much beauty to see. Even at night. And in some way, it’s inspiring to me. The beauty of both old and new. So I hope it inspires you. Not just in your travels but in your view and perspective of the …Read More

Inspired: Slip House

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most mundane. Stacked shipping containers in this case! On the outside, the look of these ‘containers’ are what makes the architecture of this home unique and definitely not mundane. Most especially at night, as it lights up from inside and becomes a glowing stack of translucent boxes. Inside… completely utilitarian, unadorned and minimal. Just what you’d expect from a shipping container, right? See more here from Carl …Read More