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Inspired: Black White Colourful

It’s no secret, I love black and white spaces. I just think there’s nothing as fresh and inspiring. But it’s also no easy feat. A black and white space can be very limiting, regimented and constrictive. How far do you take this ‘black and white’ theme, in other words. Clients wonder if they’re allowed to have shades of black or off-whites. They become focused on making all the whites match.

But it doesn’t have to be so regulated.Read More

Farm House Modern

I think the kitchen in this home has turned me… I’m a city girl through and through. And I love mixing old and new together. But I lean modern. Almost always. Until…this kitchen, that is.  I can’t believe the simple black shelf running along the windows! Amazingly simple. Breathtakingly simple. Throughout the home, traditional elements like stone walls, shaker cabinet doors, barnyard sliding doors and bead board ceilings in the …Read More

Soft, yet minimal!

I think the word ‘minimal’ strikes fear in the minds of my clients. They equate the word with cold, sterile and harsh. And definitely not homey! But I think I’ve found the right balance of minimal and warmth in this interior. Clean lines are predominantly the key to any minimalist space, hiding our everyday objects and showcasing singular, specific pieces. In this space, there’s a beautiful balance of decorative objects and …Read More

Covent Garden

Spring & Mercer designed this apartment in Covent Garden. I love the mix of subtle textures in the bedroom (floors, walls and ceilings too) and I especially love the mix of furniture styles. Eclectic makes for an interesting interior when it’s put together in the right balance. What used to be an old warehouse building is now full of custom built-ins, refurbished antiques and modern pieces. I love it… how about you? …Read More

Inspired: Islands and Eggs

I fell in love with the island in this kitchen, just browsing some blogs and thought I needed to look into it further! I loved all the drawers on one side and the golden amber tones in the wood. Then I fell in love with the backsplash. That marble veining is pure art! Lovely art! Then I noticed the huge, sliding glass doors, opening up this kitchen to a beautiful …Read More