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Memories lost and found?

My dad bought this camera many moons ago. I remember he was very proud of this purchase and we took many, many, many family photos with it. But he was a ‘gadget guy’ so when the newest digital cameras started coming out, this camera was left aside. Until now that is. Low and behold there’s film in the camera and it looks like there might be some exposures taken. Many …Read More

Ice Bubbles… Nature Is Inspiration

I thought these were so amazing I just had to share right away! Mother Nature is an amazing designer! The depth and pattern and colour in this beautiful frozen lake in Banff, Alberta is nothing short of awesome. (And I hate that word because it’s so overused. But in this case… this is awesome.) Here’s more on how this actually, and naturally, happens… I believe methane gas is involved. Weird and wonderful. …Read More

Wanting: Ferris Wheel

I’m not sure where this was taken but in my mind it has a very Parisian flair. Hence… I’m always ‘wanting’. This Ferris wheel was captured by photographer Alicia Bock and you can order it (along with so many other lovely photos) in several sizes. Now, the difficult task is deciding what size!

Inspired: Versailles in the Snow

What could be more inspiring than Versailles? And since this is the season for snow and flurries and drifts and flakes that too quickly become slush and drudge and black ice… I thought that maybe I’d keep the fluffy white stuff as beautiful and magical as when it first lays down. Captured beautifully here in these photos, Versailles’ gardens are snow tipped and white capped. Absolute magic.