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DesignChickee Approved – April 2017

Wow… has a month flown by already!? Not to worry… we’re on it! April is here and we’ve got some fun and youthful ideas for your home in our DesignChickee newsletter.Click below and don’t for get to subscribe! We’re also celebrating the latest video in our web series, The Amazing Row House Renovation. So if you’re wondering… click to watch Episode 3!  

Look & Feel – Project #Sandalwood

New client. New look and feel! So in this case, we’re looking to give our client a sense of purpose for this one room in particular. It’s open to the kitchen but it’s also open and part of the centre hall of the home. The client already has a formal dining room but would prefer to have an informal eating area in this room, since there’s no room for that …Read More

Design Inspired – Kingsworth

It feels like this is a new project but really, we’ve been working on #Kingsworth for many months already. Our client (a happy, return client) came to us for a new home that they are building from the ground up. We had such a great time with them on their previous home that we loved the idea of starting from scratch on this with them.Read More

Builder Grade Upgrade – RoryRoad

We’re excited to show you the beginnings of a recent new project, #RoryRd. Our clients have lived in this home for several years and felt it was time! So OUT with the basic builder kitchen and in with some new and upgraded appliances and cabinets! Here’s a glimpse of the BEFORE… Our client is nothing like this kitchen, by the way. Think more like the image at the top! Classic with an …Read More