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DesignChickee Approved – June 2017

Our latest newsletter is all about what we loved while we vacationed in Europe this past Spring. The list of places included Lisbon, Barcelona, Berlin and London and none of them disappointed at all. They were all so unique and lively. So if you’re thinking of traveling to Europe anytime soon… consider these places and read the newsletter for all the great things we loved!Read More

London’s Quirks

There’s such a great vibe in London I’m not sure I can explain it and give it justice. Despite it being the tail end of my vacation and feeling like all we did is walk all over Europe, this city instantly gave me a rush. It’s like a caffeine jolt but with a side of oatmeal. And I love both! It fuels me. And it fills me up. Just when …Read More

Amsterdam Makes Me Smile

Sometimes all you need is a little smile to help lighten your step. Amsterdam gave me that and so much more. In our crazy world of deadlines and emails and social media upkeep, it takes me a while to just come down and sink into my vacation. It’s hard not to think about work and clients and projects, especially when you run your own business and it all falls on …Read More

Puglia & Tomato Decor

  Sometimes tomatoes look so beautiful you have to decorate with them! And it also means that I’ve added Puglia to my list of Italian places to visit! Stat! This place (aka heaven on earth) is called Masseria Cimino and it looks like the perfect blend of rustic and simplicity. Easy. What I mean is, there’s an ease here. Ease of beauty, nature and ‘of the earth’ quality. How easy …Read More

Dear Toronto… Revealed!

I found my billboard!!! See here for more details… Broadcasting my love tweet for my city… ironically, just as I’m about to leave for a short summer vacation!  Maybe what they say is true? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. See you soon, Toronto!!

L.A. in London

I’m planning a little trip to the west coast… but found a little bit of Los Angeles in London instead. And now I’m thinking I should change my plans and head to east to Britain and get both! No matter… this place is Hally’s and I’m drawn to the simple white interior. Especially the brick walls that have been painted white along with the batten boards, also in white. Loving …Read More