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Smartie-pants Decor

  So I’m kind of all over this new trend in ‘showcasing your GEEK-dom’! I’m guessing the success of shows like and has brought out everyone’s inner geek even if it’s subatomic particle-like in size (apparently, subatomic particles are actually smaller than an atom!… thank god for Google… c’mon. You say that all the time too!). From molecular models as coffee table accessories to full blown scientifically inspired furniture. The …Read More

Custard Tarts and Tiles too…

You haven’t been to Lisbon if you haven’t been to Belém… and more specifically… to the bakery and café, Antiga Confeiteira de Belém. The most sacred of pastries (invented before the 18th century by the Catholic Monks of the Jéronimos Monastery) and let’s face it… the best pastry you’ll every eat, the Portuguese Custard Tart (Pastel de Nata) is known to draw three long line-ups: one for sit-in, one for …Read More