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DesignChickee Approved – April 2017

Wow… has a month flown by already!? Not to worry… we’re on it! April is here and we’ve got some fun and youthful ideas for your home in our DesignChickee newsletter.Click below and don’t for get to subscribe! We’re also celebrating the latest video in our web series, The Amazing Row House Renovation. So if you’re wondering… click to watch Episode 3!  

Wanting: Samsung & Behar Frame TV

Samsung Smart TV’s have been in the news lately because of news reports that they’re surreptitiously spying on us while sitting innocently on the wall in our living rooms. And maybe that’s a scary thing! OK… truly. It IS a scary thing. Let’s not even talk about spying microwaves! But putting all that aside… Samsung’s newest innovation, The Frame TV, is something I absolutely can get behind!Read More