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Wanting: Tea Towels

I’m loving these neon bright tea towels from Hay! I saw them in the MOMA Store in NYC and can’t stop thinking about them even now, weeks later!The colours are amazing and perfect to spring into Spring. It’s nice to inject some colour into something that is so practical. So it’s on my Wanting Wednesday list.

What’s on yours?Read More

Wanting: Samsung & Behar Frame TV

Samsung Smart TV’s have been in the news lately because of news reports that they’re surreptitiously spying on us while sitting innocently on the wall in our living rooms. And maybe that’s a scary thing! OK… truly. It IS a scary thing. Let’s not even talk about spying microwaves! But putting all that aside… Samsung’s newest innovation, The Frame TV, is something I absolutely can get behind!Read More

Wanting: Ikea Lucite Chair

This little chair is barely there. Barely there is this chair.

That’s as far as I’m going to go with this poem. But I do love this lucite chair from Ikea. It’s the Tobias Chair and it’s lucite and steel and simple perfection. I’d use it for dining chairs or a makeup chair. I’d put it in the hall next to a console. I’d have it in the bathroom next to the tub.

Basically, I just want it. Because it’s so barely there. Got it?!Read More

Wanting? Sweeper + Funnel

I was working on a blog post titled Look & Feel… because so many of my design presentations are about “the look” and “the feel”. Then I head over to pinterest and low and behold I find this sweeper and funnel and I immediately think of how great ‘the look and feel’ are so great about this product.

Don’t you just want to look at it up close and feel it in your hands?Read More