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Interior Design Q&A

Hey everyone… It’s me, Olga Gomes aka DesignChickee! I started a little design channel just over a year ago, and I can’t believe so many of you have joined me by subscribing to this channel, hitting that ‘like’ button and sharing my tips with your friends. And here we are at 100 PLUS subscribers! A few weeks ago, I asked you to send me your design questions for this very …Read More

Interior Design Tips: Space Above your Fireplace

A fireplace almost always becomes a focal point in the room. But the space above is just as important as the fireplace itself. It’s a great opportunity to make that focal point really shine… so make it count!In this new video in our Interior Design Tips playlist, we give you some examples of what you place above your fireplace makes an impact on how you see that fireplace and how it all works together in the room.Read More

Interior Design Tips: Kitchen Focal Point

Hey everyone! Today we’re focusing our attention on kitchens and discussing how the range hood is a natural focal point.

We’ve got lots of great ideas to enhance your kitchen range hood, especially if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen in the near future. Ideas about separation, isolation and interpretation can all create a key focal point!Read More

Design Lesson: Unique Places for Art in Your Home

I always find that art really makes a home very personal to the homeowners. I mean, that makes sense. Art is personal. But most of the time, I find people are safe with their art. Especially the placement of art. It’s often very predictable.Over the fireplace is predictable. Over the sofa is predictable. On the wall along the stairs is predictable.Read More

DesignChickee Approved – April 2017

Wow… has a month flown by already!? Not to worry… we’re on it! April is here and we’ve got some fun and youthful ideas for your home in our DesignChickee newsletter.Click below and don’t for get to subscribe! We’re also celebrating the latest video in our web series, The Amazing Row House Renovation. So if you’re wondering… click to watch Episode 3!  

Top 5 Sofa Styles

We’re counting down our favourite sofa styles in the latest Design Lesson video on our YouTube channel! Since sofas are the biggest investment when it comes to living room furniture, I thought it would be great to list my top 5 sofa styles… styles that are CLASSIC and TIMELESS! These babies will grow and adapt to your tastes for years to come!Read More