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To Paint or Not To Paint

Ramy-Fischler-photo-Paul-Graves-yatzer-1 Ramy-Fischler-photo-Paul-Graves-yatzer-2

To paint or not to paint? That, is the question.

And, as a Designer, it is THE question I’m most often asked. Everyone wants to know if they should paint their woodwork…Or leave the woodwork as is?

So next time I’m asked, I’m going to pull up this post and watch their faces as they try to figure out if I’m actually proposing they should do both! This, in fact, was painted by hand and I love the lightness of the paint almost as if it was sprayed on with a deft hand where it just ever so lightly fades into nothing, revealing and reaffirming the grains of wood and warmth of detail in the trim. I love it.

Daring and clever and beautiful at the same time. I love it.

Now obviously… am I serious? Would I really consider this as my answer to THE question?! Probably not. But in all fairness, if I go back and think about the number of times my answer has been ‘YES, paint!’ or ‘NO, don’t paint!’… it’s probably fairly even. So, theoretically, THIS IS my answer!

Theoretically. ;)

For more on this amazing interior by Ramy Fischler (photos by Paul Graves) – and believe me, there is so much more – click here.


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